How I had a 10lb 12oz baby – VBAC, Induction, No Epidural! *Part One*

I had a crazy awesome VBAC experience with my 3rd in 2022, and I just feel compelled to share with you all!

To back track, with my first baby I was induced, got an epidural. After fully dilating and pushing for 3 hours I was labeled “failure to progress” and had to get a c-section. It went fine, Isaac was completely healthy, and weighed 8lbs 13oz, and was everything I’d dreamed of for over two years!

With my second, my doc said Isaac didn’t come out because he was “too big” so he recommended I just schedule a c-section for this baby. I trusted him and we did, and had another 8lb 13oz baby boy, Asher.

But something in me started to doubt what my doc said about my “big” babies needing c-sections. After researching birth more (which I barely did at all with the first two) I began to see that we are BUILT to give birth. God designed our bodies for this!  I decided that with my next baby I wanted to trust God to get me through a VBAC. I wanted to have to lean on Him fully through an experience like that. So, I found a new doctor that was open to me trying for a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), and I kept studying!

I ended up dilating to 3cm before labor, 4cm after a membrane sweep, but still hadn’t gone into labor at 40w4d. So between my track record of not small babies and this one looking like it would be big as well, I consented to being induced on 8/12/22. 

Pitocin has shot my labor into overdrive twice now; I (and my babies) respond really well to it.  After 2.5 hours of crazy Pitocin contractions and sitting on a birthing ball, I was ready to push! About an hour and a half later my sweet Daniel made it out, and weight 10lbs 12oz! *mind blown* (Lol at his first pics with me below, he came out a toddler)

I shook my head in shock for the next 4 hours. I couldn’t believe we did it! AND HE WAS HUGE!  We are meant to do it ladies. I’m a small person at only 5’2”, if I can do it, you can do it too!

I wanted to share all the factors I believe helped me achieve this incredible VBAC experience even with being induced and without an epidural. Find those here in *Part Two*!


Can we also giggle at how he barely fit into any of my newborn props for his photoshoot? LOL

Click this photo to see more of my newborn portfolio!

Sara Nuzum is a newborn and family photographer in Newton, Kansas. She is a full-service studio where she guides clients through print orders resulting in beautiful portraits for them to cherish forever.

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