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Precious first year photos

Should we do Milestone Photos?

They’re Changing Fast

It seems like you JUST had your baby, then you blink, and they are sitting up, crawling and then walking. Don’t miss out on documenting them as they fly through these stages!

Wall Worthy

Imagine hanging three photos in their nursery – newborn, 6 months, and their first birthday. It’s a perfect display, and if planned right, we can even color coordinate them all!

All About Baby

You’ll always have family photos of your whole crew. But this first year is all about BABY! Milestone photos are just so special and let baby shine during their sweetest months..

Milestone photos are a blast, and you won’t regret doing them!

As a Newton KS milestone photographer, I absolutely love getting to watch my most special little clients grow that first year. And you will too! Capturing it in milestone photo sessions is the only way we get to hold on to these stages. They are a huge blessing to have as baby gets bigger.


Frequently Asked Questions

Scheduling in advance is always best. Be thinking about milestone photos even before baby arrives. If we are doing newborn photos, we can schedule the next milestone at your newborn ordering appointment. But if we didn’t get to do newborn photos together I would still love to help capture your little ones other milestones! Reach out anytime to see what my schedule is looking like.

I have started a Client Closet at my studio, so I have a few options for your little one to wear! We can look at them together at your consultation to see if I have something you like. If you have something else in mind, I can advise on what you can shop for. I like simple, organic types of fabrics for babies; something more unique than a typical onesie they’d wear any other day. I also recommend avoiding any words/lettering on their outfits, since squirmy babies are unlikely to sit perfectly still enough for you to see the text properly! Text also distracts the eye from the baby; we want people to see the sweet baby first, not read their shirt.

Every baby and milestone age is unique when it comes to temperament and cooperations. I expect that going in, and allow plenty of time for baby to warm up to the camera. We also let baby lead the session; if they don’t like one prop or location, we keep mixing it up until they are happy and give us those amazing smiles!

I have more answers! Send me a message and we’ll chat.

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